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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why is Comedy Funny?

In a BBC article by Ian Youngs, one of the overly serious folks "whose sculptures represent 'empowerment and strength', wants to ask Baron Cohen why his art 'zooms in on human weaknesses and foibles'."

From Aristophanes's Acharnians:

CHORUS singing; excitedly

What do you purport doing? what are you going to say? What an impudent fellow! what a brazen heart! to dare to stake his head and uphold an opinion contrary to that of us all! And he does not tremble to face this peril Come, it is you who desired it, speak!


Spectators, be not angered if, although I am a beggar, I dare in comedy to speak before the people of Athens of the public weal; even Comedy can sometimes discern what is right. I shall not please, but I shall say what is true.

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