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Monday, October 16, 2006

Restaurant Review: Home Depot Center Adjacent

I have to take this moment, now that the season is over and we can turn our attention to other things, to consider that all of you rabid Galaxy fans with upgraded season tickets might be looking for something inexpensive and good to eat before or after the game. In 2007 I recommend that at least once you stop by M&M Soul Food (18427 Avalon Blvd, Carson, CA), a Los Angeles based chain, and get a big plate of fried chicken (10.99 for two breasts and three sides, plus a plate of corn bread).

I thought that the food was great. The seasoning on the chicken wasn’t at all overpowering and it wasn’t overcooked or dry. We received two breasts though one breast and two wings were available. I gathered that a number of different options, depending on your preference for white or dark meat were on offer.

The corn bread wasn’t too sweet. If you’re used to mixes like Jiffy, this might be an opportunity for you to try something more authentic. I would have preferred that they serve real butter on the side, but the packets of margarine were good too. I didn’t care much for the mac & cheese, but then again I love Kraft. The buttered corn was simply amazing. They were cooked in butter and came out light and sweet. The string beans were lightly seasoned and cooked with small pieces of potato.

At $10.99 for one combo you might think that the price was steep. Try again: there was more food than my fiancée and I knew what to do with and some of it is still in our refrigerator today.

LA County Dept. of Health gave the restaurant food preparation area an “A” cleanliness rating. The staff was super-friendly and helpful to those of us who only have a passing knowledge of soul food. The bathroom could have been cleaner. It didn’t appear that they served liquor or beer.

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