Friday, August 25, 2006

Bonus Points for Microsoft

Apparently David Brent, of BBC Documentary The Office fame, was hired in his capacity as Business Advisor to do a training video for Microsoft. Take that Apple. might have Chinese workers who manufacture iPods over 60 hours a week. might have to "revise" your financial statements. Sure...your batteries might need to be recalled. had to settle with Creative for patent violation, but used the settlement as an opportunity to increase monopoly status. But do you have David Brent as a trainer? No, right, no.

Seriously though, I am a huge fan of The Office and this is funny stuff. Some of my favorite lines, "Will Sir William of Gates be there" or "Nobody watching this video has met William Gates, I'll bet you that."

On the downside, you had better watch this fast. The Microsoft empire has already pulled this from YouTube due to copywrite violations. All I have to say, is this was available for purchase on MSN I'd buy it and they wouldn't have to worry about the copywrite.

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