Saturday, May 27, 2006

Like Zombie Movies? Try Xombie!

Every now and again, I find some treasure that has been sitting in the interwebosphere for sometime. After finding these treasures, I am usually baffled at how I could ever have missed the treasure in the first place.

Xombie is one of those little treasures and I have Matt Forbeck (one of my favorite game designers) to thank for the introduction.

Xombie is a flash animation film about a world taken over by zombies and her search for who she is, where she is from, and where the heck other humans are. She is aided by a self-aware Zombie (and his dog), among others, in her journey. The self-aware zombie bit is very reminiscent of George Romero's comic Toe Tags (which featured awesome Bernie Wrightson covers) which featured a similar character. Though Xombie's first chapter predates the Romero comic series.

Xombie creator James Farr's release schedule is a little on the slow side, but all in all this is light-hearted zombie goodness.

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