Friday, March 24, 2006

Palm Springs' M Modern Gallery to Put Future on Display

For many in my generation, no name is associated with visions of the future than Syd Mead. His visionary design work can be seen on Blade Runner, Tron, Aliens, Star Trek: The Motion Picture (the slo-motion picture), 2010, and Strange Days. From the fantastically futuristic to the plausible, Syd Mead's artistic interpretations of the future are what I see when I imagine the world of tommorrow.

Palm Springs M Modern Gallery will have sketches spanning the past 50 years of Mead's imagination. Some of the work will be utopian and others dystopic, but I think one thing can be said for will be a sight to see.

When I think of fantasy, the first name that comes to mind is Harryhausen, but when I think the future I think Mead.

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