Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Games in 2006

This past week was GAMA's annual trade show which is the gaming equivalent of E3 or the ShoWest. At this event, the various gaming manufacturers make announcements regarding the products they will be releasing this year in the hopes that local hobby stores will carry their merchandise. There were some pretty exciting announcements this year, though none as major as Fantasy Flight Games' announcement of the World of Warcraft boardgame at last year's show.

Without further ado, here are some of the offerings.


Black Industries has announced the long awaited production of a Warhammer 40k Roleplaying Game. 40k's first incarnation, Rogue Trader, was a semi-rpg miniatures game which has made longtime fans fantasize for decades about the posibility of a true 40k rpg. Games Workshop has had many products that continued the desire, games like Space Hulk, Inquisitor, and Necromunda combined with the detailed background of the 40k wargame universe make this one of my most anticipated games of the year. Black Industries will continue to support the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game that is currently available.


FFG had the surprise announcement of last year's trade show, they announced a board game version of World of Warcraft (the popular Massive Multiplayer RPG). The announcement was huge, but so was the game when it finally released last November. It was a solid game by a solid company. This year's announcements by FFG look like they are continuing to build their reputation as possibly the leading American boardgame manufacturer.

A complete list of their offerings this year can be found at their rant page in the 3/13 listing. But I am particularly excited about the following.

The Mutant Chronicles Collectible Miniatures game. Mutant Chronicles was an RPG that satisfied my hunger for a 40k rpg for sometime. You see, unlike 40k, Mutant Chronicles started as an RPG and then became a miniatures game called Warzone. It looks like the IP is returning in the form of a pre-painted miniatures game. If the figures are of the standard of most pre-painteds coming out today, I'm in.

Building on their success at adapting Blizzard computer IP into boardgame format, Fantasy Flight will be releasing Starcraft as a boardgame. The Starcraft computer game is one of the most successful computer games in the history of computer games and Fantasy Flight has shown they are capable of making enjoyable and challenging games based on PC IP. I can't wait to blow up zergs with my Terran marines.

2006 will also see the release of some games announced by FFG in 2005. FFG may make quality games, but their production schedule does leave something to be desired. I have been waiting with baited breath for the release of the Marvel Superheroes board game and it looks like I will finally get my hands on a copy this Summer.

FFG will also be releasing new editions of their Drakon and Cave Troll games. These are games, along with the exceptional Twilight Imperium, that helped establish FFG as an American company capable of producing quality and "newbie" friendly boardgames. It also appears that they have finally found the proper look and feel for their enjoyable Mag-Blast card game. John Kovalic's artwork looks like a nice addition.

In addition to new games, and new editions of older games, FFG will be releasing expansions for some of the excellent games they released in 2005. Look forward to additional sets for Arkham Horror, Battles of Middle Earth, Game of Thrones, and World of Warcraft.

This weekend I will post information about some of the other games coming out this year. I am still overwhelmed by the FFG announcements. No massive "new" announcements, but I am drooling so hard over their potential games that I might shut down my computer.

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