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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dungeons and Dragons Online

This is more Number One’s area of expertise, and I imagine he might already be writing an article, but I thought that it should not go unmentioned that Dungeons and Dragons, from Wizards of the Coast, has released on on-line version of its pencil and paper game. For those us of used to teleconferencing, the idea is that the game on your computer allows far-flung friends to play the traditional version of Dungeons and Dragons without having to actually get together. Instead of the bowling alone aspect of many MMORPGs, this platform allows folks to make time for each other, to play these games, while still proving a high level of convenience and ease. It is invisioned as an adjunct product.

No word if farming will be available.

The game costs $49.99, with a $15.00/month subscription fee.

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