Thursday, January 19, 2006

First DC Attempts to Get Me to Stop Buying Comics..Now Marvel Joins In

For me there are two truly iconic superhero costumes. These costumes have come to represent more than just the hero wearing them, they have come to represent the company publishing them. From DC comics, that costume is Superman's costume. No matter how many times they play with it, they always have to return to the iconic one. Why? Because the image has become so ingrained in the collective consciousness that the bold S has meaning outside the medium in which it was created. The same is true for Spider-Man. Peter Parker's character revolutionized comic book storytelling and the costume was an innovative imagining. Sure Marvel Comics have tampered with the costume temporarily in the past, and in doing so have created one of Spidey's most popular villains. But the newest costume change, and its association with Marvel's most fickle costume changer Iron Man are just too much. Iron Man changes costumes all the time. Will the same be true of Iron Spidey?

I hope not. Let us hope that Iron Spidey is a precursor to the "Red Arachnid" foe of Spider-Man.

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