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Monday, January 09, 2006

First Big Movie Star

Sweet account of a recent celebrity sighting at the cafe my fiance owns:

Rosalia, born in Fresno, CA, age 20, noticed that one of the customers was Jack Black. Everyone else, of course, had also noticed his arrival, but, being native or long-term Angelinos, played it cool. Rosalia nervously approached Mr. Black as he waited in line to pay his bill.

Rosalia says, “You’re Jack Black, right?” Her voice wavers a bit. She’s VERY nervous.

He smiles and nods.

Encouraged, Rosalia continues, “Wow, I’ve lived in Los Angeles for four months and you’re the first big movie star I’ve seen.”

He smiles, and replies, “Thanks. I’m glad you think I’m a big movie star.”

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