Monday, January 02, 2006

A Brief Comment

I have been researching for some time comments regarding the "fragmentation of the media" that the blogosphere will cause. Supposedly there will be a universe where we only read self-affirming political information, or putter around our own limited interests (RPGs, Comics, PC, Movies) without encountering any kind of larger shared community. I disagree with the thesis, primarily because the radio, television, cable, internet, explosion of newspapers, (insert other medium here), was supposed to do this in the past. None of them ever did.

Anyway, before I hint at what my longer post will discuss, let me just say that while they are "outside my interests" I visit Summer in Paris (a blog about fashion and handbags) relatively frequently now. Though I have to admit, it is not something I would expect I would read, I visited it because it linked to me and once I visited it I kept going back. My only criticism is that I wish the posts were longer. I also am a frequent reader of Tabloid Whore, who singlehandedly has made me a fan. Why? Because, though in colorful language, the blog makes me laugh.

I also use some "big name" portals, you know like Yahoo! and AOL. The "fearmongers" are too caught up to realize that people can become interested in new subjects, or that the market has already created "cultural centers."

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