Friday, December 16, 2005


Yes, long time no postie. Haven't felt very pop culture-y. Anyway, we managed to con our Business Research Professor into endorsing our research into a female-friendly game store. I say 'conned' because everyone knows you can't have a female-friendly game store, right?

Well, it's my wife's idea, and she, being a female gamer, thinks the potential for thousands more is just limited by the loser guyishness of the whole thing. Is it true, or a utopian fantasy? Hell, I dunno. I guess you have the Frag Dolls, and a few similar things. And I've always noticed a reasonable amount of women at local cons,though not as much on the message boards, but I guess that's a second category. So, maybe it's true.

It seems to me that something like this is pretty online-focused. But then again, maybe not. We shall see, won't we?

So, anyway. The point of all of this is...

Wanna take our survey?


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