Tuesday, December 27, 2005

DC Comics and Me (Part I, Spoilers)

Well, got some trade paperbacks for Christmas from Julie, as in response to a wistful comment that I'd really pretty much lost track of DC Continuity years back.

Basically, I had what is apparently a fairly classic scenario for giving up on comic collecting... It got too expensive. Though Julie and I loved comics, our good intentions were broken by Our Worlds At War in particular, as it cost far too much money to collect, and by the way had little concrete happen as a result. It's fading in my mind, but it was hard that, after all of the hype and brutal reflections on war, you ended up with not much change. I mean, Lois' dad who was pretty darn new, died. Wee. Also Sarge Steel, acting rather out of character. Oh, and Strange Visitor. All of the stuff about enhancing her powers? Eh, forget it. Sucked.

Oh, and Aquaman, of course. You knew that would stick.

Anyway, that and the fact that in regular continuity Superman was visiting versions of Krypton that has been transformed by consensus reality into happy places and working on mastering his psychic powers while Green Lantern bummed around in his apartment, had oh-so-modern reflections on whether or not to marry his live-in, and explored tolerance issues with his gay sidekick instead of protecting the universe as the last living Green Lantern...

I kinda threw my hands up and gave up. I mean, it wasn't any of those things in particular... Superman getting psionic powers seems inevitable, the Big Monster of the Year crossover (which OWAW was the last one of for quite some time) often didn't change much permanently and I wouldn't've minded GL's expanding social conciousness and dating angst that much (though, maybe, a few less issues basically devoted entirely to them would've been nice) but, all of those things combined with an ever-ballooning price tag... Made me give up.

Oh, so anyway. That's part one. I have to work a bit... more on this tomorrow, I think.

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