Friday, November 18, 2005

Superman Returns Trailer

Welp, the trailer's already been posted.

But, given that I have a bit of a history of being a Superman naysayer (as pointed out here) and that I once posted a grumpy post about it on Cinerati here, and Numero Uno posted what I read as a sideways swipe on that post here.

Whew. Now that the background's done, I must say that I greatly enoyed the trailer. Superman looks like Superman, esp. when he's floating in the clouds, illuminated by sunlight, his cape unfurled and blowing slowly, the old Krpyton theme arising in the background. Also, him being in space and soaring down appeared to be an homage to one of my fave JLA moments in recent years.

Now, how all of this combines/collides with various reports of grim Superman and Lois Lane saying the world doesn't need him anymore and Luthor flushing his head... dunno. But it looks good anyway, even great, even if it seems like early Superman/Re-telling the origin instead of Superman Returns-ing...

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