Friday, October 21, 2005

D&D Has History on Its Side

It always fills my heart with warmth when a new person is brought into my favorite geek hobby. Yet it has seemed in the past that the Roleplaying establishment were satisfied with their current "market share" and were unwilling to advertise outside the existing players. Earlier this month, my opinion of the industry hadn't changed when I read that November 5th was World Wide Dungeons and Dragons day, after all the event was marketing "game days" at current niche gaming stores. Who goes to these except people who are already playing.

But lo and behold! It appears that Hasbro is a major sponsor of The History Channel's upcoming documentary about the Crusades. It looks like Hasbro is waking up to marketing in order to expand the hobby. Either that or someone at the History Channel is an RPG geek. Since THC has a card game called Anachronism (it's a pretty good one at that), my guess is that the latter is more likely.

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