Monday, September 26, 2005

Will Commander in Chief Lead to Viable Women Candidates for President?

Many on the Right have complained that ABC's new dramatic series, Commander in Chief is nothing more than a ploy to advance Hilary Clinton as a Presidential candidate, but one group is using the opportunity to "draft" Condoleezza Rice into running for the office.

I would highly recommend visiting the website of the show, linked above, it has some very interesting "blog" articles regarding the Mackenzie presidency. The site gives insight into the direction the show might actually be heading, rather than speculations as to purposes.

Can Allen balance the duties of The Presidency with those of a wife and mother? This is a woman who resigned from congress after just one term “to spend more time with her family” (though those of us who were paying attention know that decision had more to do with congressional gridlock than familial obligations).

So if Congress was taking too much of a toll on her home life, what then will be the impact of the Oval Office? This is not exactly a job where you can leave your cell phone on the hall table in the evening and forget about work until the next morning.

Will Equal ?

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