Wednesday, September 14, 2005

FIA Sponsored European Truck Racing

Sumo wrestlers are good at being Sumo wrestlers. I don’t know if I would enjoy watching them run a marathon. Trucks are good a hauling things long distances. Are they good at hauling ass over short distances? The FIA seems to think so when they sanction the wonderful world of European Truck Racing. “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Watch mega-machines go very slowly around a tight and twisty track!” I’m sure they run into one another quite a bit as well which, as you know from watching NASCAR, is all good fun.

Even trucks made for racing are not all that good at racing. Look at the body roll, check out the plumes of smoke as driver after driver flat spots their tires under furious braking, and watch out, in FIA European Truck racing "Rubbin', son, is racing."

But I jest. Truck racing is kewl! Here are some pictures:

Check out this most awesome video (in German).

Thanks to Ceskoslovensky Motor Sport for pictures of the big yellow truck.

Thanks to FIA European Truck Racing for the other images.

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