Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tenure for a Biology Professor Who Studies I.D?

From Harper’s Magazine, September 2005 (pg. 68):

Context: discussing the prospects for tenure of a professor involved in the investigation of I.D. in a biology department at a major university.

Elizabeth Hoffman, president emerita and professor of economic and public affairs at the University of Colorado: “I’d agree that a consistently anti-Christian approach in the classroom, just like a consistently anti-conservative approach, is not only inappropriate but dangerous for the university.”

Stanley Fish, the Davidson-Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Humanities and Law at Florida International University: “The dismissal of religious perspectives in general is not only an unconscionable act in general terms but a stupid act in intellectual and historical terms. Because all of the questions of interpretation, evidence, etc., which are no so hotly debated in so many disciplines, were discussed with infinite subtlety in all of the religious traditions from Maimonides through Luther. Not because it’s religious, or it’s anti-religious, but because it’s as intellectually substantial as any tradition of inquiry we’ve ever seen.”

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