Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Comic-Con Revisited

Ok, since Comic-Con appears to have eaten Numbah One, I figure I'll do a bit of a post on it. (For far too much detail on our trip to the land of freaks and geeks you can check out Pererro, or LYTrules, whom we hung out with on Saturday night)

As a warning, due to far too many unforeseen circumstances we didn't get there until 3pm on Saturday.

Overall it was alot of fun. We've been to GenCon and Wizard World and they didn't hold a candle to this one. The exhibitors hall was huge! We wandered around there for a good six hours and still didn't see everything. Lots of cool booths, I thought the SciFi channel and AeonFlux booths were the neatest looking ones, but Star Wars had pretty much everything you could ever want to see from Legos to the most awesome lightsabers ever.

Also went to the masquerade on Saturday night, which was much fun. Watched most of it from Sails Pavilion which had a really big screen and free nachos. During intermission they had a live DJ who was pretty good, but it was kind of obnoxious for us because they were also playing some cool movie trailers I actually wanted to see and you couldn't hear them at all over the music. On the upside, if you like to get your groove on and don't like trailers it would have been cool. Phil Foglio was very funny as the M.C. and did a good save when one of the contestants wasn't ready with a goofy duck joke.

Lastly, got some fun autographs from Kenny Baker (R2D2), the guys from Penny Arcade, and Phil Foglio (who was kind enough to sign my SPANC box, a copy of Girl Genius, and an original sketch of Dixie). Almost got in line to get Jonen Vasquez's signature on something, but I didn't have my copy of Squee! with me, and the line was insanely long.

Anyway, that is all I have to say in a nutshell. Go next year if you didn't go this year - Slackers!

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