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Monday, April 04, 2005

New York Daily News - Old friends boo Boomer

In Old friends boo Boomer, Lisa Olsen writes that David Wells's return to Yankee stadium was not at all happy, and she's not talking about the score alone.

I've always thought of David Wells as the ultimate stand-in for the typical working class Yankee fan. Kind of what John Franko is to the Mets. Boomer, as Olsen refers to him, is the Harley driving, beer swilling, fat guy who made good. He's not an athlete, he's a baseball player.

The people of New York really loved Wells, and for them to turn against him is kind of sad and indicative of the passing of an era (though with Tino Martinez back that era might hang around a bit longer. Where's Paul O'Neal when you need him?). I know, he's pitching for the hated Red Sox, but can we love him for what he was?

By the way, this behavior isn't unique to New York. The good people of Chicago booed Chris Chelios when he came back to the United Center with the Red Wings.

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