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Friday, January 28, 2005

Formula 1-Just 36 Days Away

I recently found myself going over the Technical and Sporting regulations for Formula 1.

I was sorry to see Jaguar Racing leave the circus, but Red Bull should be an adequate replacement for the leaping cat. Their pockets are deep enough and they should evidence more enthusiasm for winning than Ford. Unfortunately, I think that they will probably fall into the "Best of the Rest" behind Sauber Petronous instead of competing with the big boys (Ferrari, Mclaren Mercedes, Williams BMW, Toyota(?), BAR Honda, Renault).

Toyota, of course, does not belong amoung the big boys in terms of success, but merely because they are spending piles of money. Ralp Schumacher is driving for them this year which adds to their legitimacy.

I'm looking forward to attending my 5th(!) U.S. Grand Prix this June 19th in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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