Thursday, November 04, 2004

What do Democrats think of Americans?

Kerry lost because the American rural culture is lapsing into a psychosis reminiscent of Germany in the thirties. Bush supporters are a motley amalgamation of bigots, religious zealots, simpletons, ideological right-wingers, and don’t forget those narcissistic, war mongering, pick-up truck driving, gun-toting middle-aged males. They particularly seem to identify with that chicken-hawk sissy in the White House - mostly because underneath that peacock appearance, these guys are losers and are deeply envious of JF Kennedy – type people. A lot these guys spend their entire lives take a shit-kicking from their low-wage jobs and dissatisfied families. When challenged, these guys invariably back down from street fights, but they’ll practice shooting at the local gun club and spout their anti-intellectual tough-talking crap. Certainly, Kerry’s not perfect and there are many layers of reasons why Kerry lost - but when so many people completely defy logic, how can a sane person move them?

Posted by: Joseph Polimeni | November 3, 2004 10:32 PM

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