Tuesday, October 05, 2004

VIVA LA REVOLUCION (brought to you by Halliburton)!

I don’t’ have a lot of notes about the VP debate this evening; I think Cheney won, I don’t think anybody cares. But Edwards constant references to Halliburton chafed my butt, as it always does, because it shows the absolute moral bankruptcy of the faux-liberal movement that has taken over the Democratic Party.

Fifteen years ago when I was hanging out with these faux-liberals, before I realized they weren’t really serious about liberalism, I remember having a discussion about “We are the World” and all the other celebrity charity records that were coming out at the time (this was at an Amnesty International meeting). I was dismayed when several people at the meeting were not going to buy any of these records. When I asked why, they said, “Those celebrities don’t really care about African poverty, they just want to stroke their egos.”

To which I said, “So, given the moral choice between stroking a celebrity’s ego, and letting a child die a horrible, suffering death from starvation, you choose to let the child die?” I will give them credit for realizing their ridiculous position once I pointed it out.

I feel the same way when people argue that Halliburton may have made some profit from the Iraq war – who cares? Given the moral choice between letting Halliburton make some profit and letting the Iraqi people suffering under an oppressive dictator who has murdered over 1.3 million of his own citizens, you choose to let the Iraqi people suffer?

If what we’re saying is that spreading Democracy simply requires paying money to Halliburton, I say we get out a map, a dart board, a checkbook and start the revolution!

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