Friday, October 29, 2004

Red Sox Fans Need to Find a New Fret

From the L.A. Times: Red Sox Fans Need to Find a New Fret.

"I really never thought I would actually see them run onto the field after winning the World Series. World Series and Red Sox — you really don't equate the two. Now we can."

And that brings Red Sox Nation to a new, bizarre and almost unimaginable predicament.

What now?

For 86 years, Red Sox fans were defined by their suffering and misery — and the suffering and misery they inflicted on everybody else when they moaned on and on about it. For more than three generations, fear and loathing has been a way of life in New England — and wherever transplanted Red Sox masochists land.

Take away the torment and the torture and what do those fans have to live for?

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