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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The history of Boston Red Sox losses, collapses and defeats.

Check out this excellent resource for all of us who are tired of listening to Red Sox fans: SoxSuck: The history of Boston Red Sox losses, collapses and defeats. After reading this I realize they do have a reason to complain. They aren't ALL just whiney, self-indulgent retards. Obviously, God hates the Boston Red Sox. Woe unto you and your family!

There is a site claiming to show the ways that the Yankees Suck, but we all know that's not true. The webmaster must be some semi-literate parolee from Lowell who managed to steal a computer and is now spreading filth across the internet. Stop him before he blasphemes again!

In summation: we all know the self-evident truth. The Yankees are the only team worth rooting for in Major League Baseball. Even the Mets are merely like the Moon, appearing to be worth veneration simply because they reflect the light of the Sun which is the Yankees. You are a deluded fool if you think different. DELUDED I say!!! I don't even know why they keep playing the games. MLB should just crown the Yanks World Champions for all time and be done with it.

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