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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A Day in the Subway, as It Rolls Up a Century

The New York City Subway system turns 100 years old. Read this article from the New York Times marking the occasion: A Day in the Subway, as It Rolls Up a Century.

Trying to describe a day in the subway is a little like trying to take a snapshot of the wind. It's everywhere and nowhere in particular. You can feel it and hear it yet chase in vain to capture the essence of the life lived along some 700 miles of track, inside 468 stations, where New Yorkers have done everything they've done on the streets above and more. They've been born there and died there. They've lived there and eaten there and slept there and dreamed the dreams they missed during the too-short nights before. They've found their muses and their soul mates. They've lost their wallets and their patience and, sometimes, their minds.

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