Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Confession of a Red Sox fan

I think Joe Torre is one of the classiest guys in professional sports. In an era were coaches and managers call their players out through the media, (i.e. throw them under the bus) and respect for the opposition is not expressed in any meaningful way, Joe Torre always seems to take the high ground. I recently heard an interview he gave with "Mike and the Mad Dog" on AM 66 in New York. He had every opportunity to throw a few daggers at the Sox or plant a seed of doubt in case of a stumble in game one due to the Rivera situation. But that is not Joe. Instead, he acknowledged that the series would be tough, the Red Sox are a good club, and Rivera's situation was one that the club stood behind him on (acknowledging that Rivera would be missed but little else). Respect for all in the sport off the field and settle the games on the field -- this seems to be his philosophy. Even when interviewed when playing the worst teams in the A.L. he has never taken a shot. So, I tip my hat to Joe Torre, even though I hope he loses this series.

Since I am giving my two cents anyway, I think Rivera, with his 50 plus saves, makes him a legitimate Cy Young candidate.

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