Friday, October 15, 2004

Back in Boston, 1,918 Reasons to Hope, Pessimistically

Red Sox Win!!! (Hell Freezes Over; Pigs Fly): Back in Boston, 1,918 Reasons to Hope, Pessimistically . Pam Belluck and Katie Zezima report

"I think in their heart of hearts a lot of people weren't surprised they lost last year," Mr. Stout said. "I think if they don't win this year there'll be some genuine devastation because things seemed like they were lined up. If they find another way to lose in an excruciating fashion, that would make it exponentially worse."
Overall, an interesting article from the New York Times, which may require a subscription, that investigates some of the strange behavior of that most lovable of losers, the Boston Red Sox fan. These poor folks build themselves up into a lather every year, just to have their hopes, dreams, and aspirations brutally crushed by one of the greatest teams in the history of professional sport. (This behavior is not unique, or even remarkable, as this report on Detroit Lions Superfans shows.) It's kind of like being a Nordiques fan during the years of the "Battle of Quebec."

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