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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

So outrageous, it's funny

I often head to BBC New's website for an international flavor to the news I read. Also, on that site, I frequent the "Have your say" page where a themed question is thrown into the mix and viewers can type in a response. This week's theme was about the Swift boat ads either being fair or unfair game.

So I saw from the responses what I expected to see: people calling the swift boat ads dirty politics, fair politics, or dirty politics only helping prove that Canada has a better political system (appearantly health care isn't the only thing they have better than us). However, one comment, one that normally would anger a young fiery conservative, only made me laugh because of the outrageousness of it.

Marton from Munich, Germany wrote:
Dirty is one thing, openly lying is another. That's the difference between the SBTV ad, for example, and Fahrenheit 9/11. The first is an outright lie and should be treated as such. The second is a documentary that puts its own spin on facts.

Oh, funny Europeans. :-)

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