Thursday, August 19, 2004

New York Post Needs a Fact Checker

I knew that the Klingons you see at every Gaming/Comic/SF/Fantasy convention were going to be trouble.

I guess the New York Jets couldn't find hotel rooms for their game this Sunday because there is a large Con going on in Indianapolis. According to the New York Post it is a Star Trek convention. But if the Post had anything resembling a fact checker, or anyone on site, rather than a Jayson Blair type sitting in his NY office they might have noticed that this is not a Star Trek convention. Rather, it is the largest gaming convention in the country GENCON. This is the equivalent mistake of saying hey I see a bunch of dudes in Raiders Garb here so I must be in the Inland Empire watching NASCAR.

Damn those Klingons and damn the New York Post! Just shows how accurate tabloid media is.

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