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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Kansas City Star | 08/06/2004 | Brock Lesnar wrestles to make Vikings roster

Another article about Brock Lesnar wrestling to make the Vikings roster. I still don't think he has much of a chance, but this article reports that he's working very hard and not taking this opportunity for granted. If he maybe made the practice squad and then played in the AFL for a year or two I could see him eventually making an NFL roster.

What the article points out, which I don't think everyone realizes, is how much of what an NFL player does is technical in nature. Pure athleticism, which Brock has in abundance, is no substitute for doing things correctly. On the NFL channel, which I get through DirectTV, they have a series called "Hey, Rookie," or something like that. One bit dealt with an undrafted offensive tackle in the Giant's training camp. Though Roelph didn't have the pure physical talent of some of his teammates, he did well for the Giants because he was a quick study who was able to use superior technique to equalize his chances of making the team.

Professional football is more than monstrous men slamming into each other. Beauty and subtle perfection lie within the mayhem of this modern blood sport.

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