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Monday, July 19, 2004

Ebay jumping in to compete with iTunes

It appears that eBay is jumping into the digital music pond.   According to the full story...

For years, eBay included digital music on its list of forbidden merchandise, along with human corpses, weapons and drugs. The company still forbids most digital downloads, including software, video delivered through peer-to-peer file-sharing communities and e-books.

This seems to me to be a natural extension of the services that eBay offers, particularly if they handle this issue with the sophistication that they have handled everything else on their site.  While their system isn't sophisticated enough to prevent the sale of illegal copies of the D&D Animated Series or the Star Wars Holiday Special, if the music is a service they offer rather than an exchange between parties (though I guess they could track and transfer royalties which are small on a per transaction basis) it should go smoothly.  Besides, it wouldn't then require me to be Windows 2000 or Apple based like the current iTunes.  Apple's proprietary nature is a boon for others seeking to jump in this market.


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