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Friday, July 23, 2004

Captain (whatever)

From another blog: So I decided to do a little research on country specific Captain America knockoffs, and as it turns out, ninety percent of them are from Canada.

Truly hilarious, definitely worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

One should do a meta-human to population measurement: are Canadians more likely to be superheros?

Christian Lindke said...

To be fair, I don't think the Guardian counts as a Captain America rip off. He has Iron Man like powers and the mere fact that he is a patriotic hero doesn't count. If that did, then Cap himself is a knockoff. There are plethora, solely American, patriotic heroes. To name a few, Liberty Belle, Star Spangled Kid (and Stripesy), Uncle Sam. Each is unique enough that the only similarity is the patriotism.

Now, Union Jack is most definitely a Cap ref as is Cap Canuck. Captain Britain embodies the spirit of England and has no powers away from the isle.

I think the key think in a "copy" is that the theme and origin are similar. So...How many of these are the creation of a "super soldier serum" or program.