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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Accuracy = Speed

That is Jonathan Antin's motto. My wife and I have been enraptured by a new "reality" television show on Bravo called Blow Out. It was, essentially, a six episode mini-series focusing on the struggles of one small businessman (a hairstylist) who is opening his second studio (in Beverly Hills). I love this show. Why? Because it is about a man who takes his occupation seriously and actually seeks virtue within it. What virtue? Excellence. His vision was for a new kind of hair studio, no not inexpensive, one with no frills save for the skill of the stylists. He wants the skill of the craftsmen/women to speak for itself, and I have to tell you it does. I can't afford $300.00 to get a haircut, but if I could I would have Jonathan Antin cut my hair. I would pay the $7.00 I usually pay for a haircut just to watch him cut hair. He is, absolutely, an artist who seeks excellence in what he does and demands that his employees have the same commitment.

Why would I watch him cut hair? Picture if you will your average hair stylist, they are chatting with everyone else in the middle of cutting right? Not Jonathan, not that he doesn't talk, but when he is cutting his focus is absolute.

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