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Friday, June 25, 2004

That Rascally Robert Rodriguez

In addition to playing rich girl "return the prom dress" with his sound equipment, it looks like Robert Rodriguez is making more trouble and endangering his production of Edgar Rice Burroughs classic Princess of Mars. I have to say that I am of mixed feelings about this whole thing.

RR, I have it on good authority, is a bit of a jackass as he likes to "buy" mixing boards and cutting edge sound equipment and then "return" them when shooting is over.
He also made "Once Upon a Time in Mexico," which demonstrated how jerky and flat High Definition Digital Camera can look.

Wow look! Flat lighting and unrealistic motion! How amazingly cinematographic and cutting edge!

In that film he neither maximized the advantages of HD (like he did in Spy Kids 3D) nor did he minimize it's weaknesses as Michael Mann appears to be doing in Collateral. Mann seems to be using the HD to simulate a more realistic, down to earth, documentary style of storytelling. If that is true, he is turning a weakness of digital into a strength. Rodriguez did the opposite, he used a flat and "new footage" look to tell an EPIC story.

The above sounds all negative, so where are the mixed feelings? Well, I loved the Spy Kids series, El Mariachi and Desperado are wonderfully funny and stylish. I firmly believe that Rodriguez has the style to do John Carter of Mars justice. That is unless Sam Raimi decides he wants to helm the project, in which case "To hell will RR!" But that's not likely so I have to deal with mixed feelings.

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