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Friday, June 25, 2004

Holy Outsourcing Bat-u-man!

Next on the list must certainly be Dinesh Prakash as Capitan Gurkha, and Ahkbar Ponnuru as Prahda Supergupta.

I think it is exciting that other nations are finding ways to adapt to the global marketplace, but I find it interesting that India has to resort to French Language Commission-esque tactics to make it palletable for their political elites. Give me a break!

Seriously though, I would buy the Yogi inspired Spidey comic. It actually sounds cool, much better fusion than the Mangaverse version Marvel did a while back.

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Steven Ly said...

Maybe its my Ayn Rand influence, but I say that if it can make a profit, then why not. Besides, unlike the French language-commission, we already know that Spiderman can be successful as an American entity; Marvel is just testing the waters to see if they can make more money, of course in the name of globalization.