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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Two new blogs I am adding to the column

Okay maybe that should really read 3. As you may notice, there is now (or will be within minutes) a new section of the sidebar entitled "Blogs." What I hope to do with this section is add some provocative blogs which can be used to spur discussion on this forum. I know, we all have jobs, but we all need to spend (WASTE) more time on my blog. Why? Because I say so that's why. Elizabeth has had a couple of good posts lately and I would like to see some other contributors as well.

Hey, Patrick! Sean! Colleen! Post Something.

Anyway, the blogs I have decided to add are, the Onion Related Blog, a crazy right wing Dodger's fan blog, and www.sabernomics.com. I figure one is politics/pop-culture related, another is baseball/entertainment/politics related, and the last is really dry boring systematic baseball related.

Your's in Blogship.


Oh and by the way, "delenda est Carthago!"

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