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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The New York Times > Movies > Movie Review | 'Shrek 2': The New Son-in-Law's an Ogre, and Hollywood Is the Target

A.O. Scott offers a mixed review for Shrek 2. It's not that he objects to the concept of a sequel, it's just that this one isn't as well done as it could have been. He identifies an inherent problem with coming out with the second movie when the underlying premise or philosophy hasn't grown. What differentiates Lord of the Rings, and even the original Star Wars movies, was that there arcs grew with each movie, the stakes were that much higher each time we saw the characters. In this version of Shrek, the arc hasn't grown, it has just been stuffed with more merchandising opportunities. Which seems a shame, given how lovingly Scott describes the orginal books.

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