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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Meet the Crusaders

I ran a DC Heroes game for almost two years that was made up of a pretty unusual team. At that time my wife was doing her "Charles Schulz Award Winning" Cartoon Nicnup in the school paper, but we needed a little extra dough. So she asked if she could use characters from our campaign in a strip. I, of course, agreed. The strips that follow are meant to be in pairs. The first ran on Tuesday, to introduce the cast member, the second on Friday. The point of the comic was to do a "real lives" of the superhero strip. What kind of things do superheroes do in their free time?

The first character in the group was my friend Matt's character Gabriel -- Archangel. Gabriel was a superpowered being who thought he was the Archangel Gabriel, and whose to say he wasn't. Sure the power level of the game was much below what an actual Archangel would have, but he was probably just holding back. You can get a feel for Gabriel's righteous nature in the second strip.

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