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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Captain Anti-America once again becoming Captain America

Marvel has decided to turn over Captain America to creative genius Robert Kirkman. He's the writer of the Invincible story I linked to below. For those who don't know, Captain America has been coming down hard on the Country for about two years now. I don't just mean political dissent against one administration or the other, that could be fun and interesting. No, he has been preachy and dull and overbearingly self-righteous. The issues had been filled with wierd conspiracy tales related to our government, and to the crassness of the American as citizen. Contrast this to the Avengers, who have also been critical of the current administration, and had Rumsfeld revealed as the Red Skull, a story I enjoyed (though heavy handed it is hard to not notice the physical similarity).

To quote Kirkman regarding his direction for the title:

"After the tragedy of the Sept. 11th attacks, an unfortunate side effect on comics was that Marvel was sitting on a character called Captain America, so they decided to deal with America's emotions in the book," Kirkman told CBR News. "For a while it worked, but after a while you have to get back to the Serpent Society -- to jumping off buildings."

"'Captain America' is a superhero (book) at its core. He's a perfect guy doing perfect things, helping people out. He's clean -- he's apple pie," Kirkman stresses, sounding almost serious for a moment. "Throw in some crazy stuff, some super villains and explosions, and you got it. And no, I'm not bringing back the CapVan... but maybe the Cap Snowboard and the Cap hand-glider..."

Sample artwork from the upcoming title can be seen here.

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