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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Ripped Perfs (my film reviews :P )

Saw two movies this weekend:

HELLBOY: Yes, Hell can freeze over. When you ask? When a graphic novel turned film bores me. I didn't like LoEG either, but at least it was exciting. Several problems with the movie killed it for me. It's highly predictable. It steals (unabashedly or unknowingly, I can't tell) the tropes of many films that have come out in the last 5 years (Matrix, Harry Potter, X-Men to name a few). Curiously, it's taken delTorro 6 years to make--coincedence? I don't know. All of this to me equals boredom. I found myself staring at Hellboy's Hand of Doom thinking, boy that really looks fake. Also <<<<<>>>>>> Hellboy is never in any jepordy. He can't die. Not once do I ever worry for him, and especially, fatally the last battle.<<<<<>>>>>
And I've never gotten over the whole Liz-needs-to-be-abused to use her power. delTorro tried to give her a transformation at the end, so this wasn't the case...but he didn't make the case strong enough in my opinion.

I give it [] [ (1 and 1/2 perfs out of 5--that's my rating system :) )

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST: Finally saw it. I'm a little late in that department. It's definitely a movie aimed squarely at and for Christians. Gibson takes for granted that the audience should empathize with Jesus. The movie hits two beats for me: Mary is sad that her son suffers; Jesus suffers. There's a small side plot where Judas agonizes over betraying Jesus...he agonizes, and agonizes, and agonizes, then hangs himself. Honestly I was bored with this movie as well. I wish Gibson would have offered us a way into Jesus' life, as opposed to the consequences of that life. I can appreciate the accuracy of its historical content, though, which provided some interest to me.

Rating: [] [] [ (2 1/2 perfs out of 5)

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