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Sunday, April 04, 2004

RE: FCC and such

Two things:

I feel the parents frustration. Having to explain Janet's 'equipment malfunction' to the little tykes right after explaining why the man in the Viagra commercial is so happy can be difficult. "You see, little Johnny, the pill helps him to get an erection so he can boink his 20 year old secretary."

Little Johnny says, after he's finished laughing at Janet and her boob (because kids think boobs and penis's and poop are funny until they're taught otherwise), "Daddy, why are you so pale...you look like you seen a ghost."

"Well, Johnny, the flesh is evil, and our bodies are something to be ashamed of. What she did was wrong."

This is a non-issue in much of Europe--go to a beach on the Mediterranean, topless women all around. Then why is this such a huge deal in the US, now?

My theory: We, having waged a war largely on the premise that we as a nation know what is morally correct can little afford any light that exposes our not-so-moral high ground. Her antic pokes fun at our moral superiority, and a lot of people don't appreciate it.

I think the whole episode is rather ludicrous.

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