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Thursday, April 01, 2004

PvP lands syndication deal with Universal Press Syndicate


To relaunch in early 2005

Kansas City, MO - April 1, 2004
Universal Press Syndicate and cartoonist Scott Kurtz are excited to announce that the popular webcomic PvP has just been signed to a 10 year syndication contract and will be distributed to family newspapers starting January 2005.

"Univeral Press Syndicate is always on the look for bright new talent and strips that will speak to a younger audience" says the senior director of acquisitions for Universal Press. "PvP represents the best of what the web has to offer from the next generation of American comic strip artists. We haven't been this excited about a new strip since Calvin and Hobbes."

Kurtz is excited, yet nervous about the news. "Moving to syndication means changing the strip slightly, but I feel we're making changes for the better. I've been working with the editorial staff at Universal Press for the last six months tweaking PvP to fit the family newspaper demographic. That's why the strips been late so often.

When asked if moving from the web to family papers might effect the content of the strip, Kurtz says "Things won't be so different that you won't recognize it. It will be a tad toned down for the family papers, but it will still be PvP."

New strips will stop appearing at PvPonline.com in late december when the strip will move from it's independent site to the Ucomics.com main website. Strips will be appearing online one week after they appear in papers.

"This has been a lifelong dream of mine, and it's finally coming true. I couldn't have done it without the help and support of the PvP readership. I hope they follow me to the family papers, and I hope to discover a whole new audience for PvP there."

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