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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

"Nudity and Battlestars" - response

That has got to be Jodi - very nice! I actually made similar (yet no so loquatious) remarks to some of my friends when the mini aired . Apollo should have been the make-over character more simply (in this case) because the script had a Adama/Apollo tension that could have easily been explained as (if not a cliche) the "favored yet weaker" sibling (perhaps even a twin brother - Zach) was killed and it is the female Apollo (her last name?) who is the stronger, more leaderly (is that a word?) of the two - hence the resentment from the father Adama (and a chink in his armor of perfection). I agree that the relationship between "her" and a male-Starbuck would be sexually driven and yet pure. I also agree that Starbuck's appeal was always that he was inherently flawed and it was this flaw that made the heroic nature of his actions all the more, well, heroic.

I read that Moore wants to re-tell some of the original stories - like the story of The Pegasus - I was kinda hoping he would crew his Pegasus with Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict (as aged war heroes of Adama's era). Apollo could easily be as common a name as "John" and Starbuck could easily be a "tag-name" not a christened named - hence bring back the "original" Starbuck and Apollo in an almost "Bobby Ewing in the shower" type script - i.e. - the other series never really happened in THIS universe (which is how the writers did actually incorporate the history of the show in this version of the series).

I enjoyed the show. As they say "it's not your father's Battlestar Galactica" (they do say that, don't they?). I would have definitely done things differently - but I'm a Criminal Investigator, not a TV-show producer/writer - hence I have to live with the product as presented. It could have been worse - but not by much. At least we have a Battlestar...

Ultimately - the success of the B.G. mini probably helped revive FARSCAPE and that's all the matters anyway! ;-) Farscape is a series I originally found to be annoying because it ripped off every sci-fi source it could - somewhere around the middle of season 1 I fell in love with it -- I am very, very happy that it is getting a chance to finish the story-line with a possibility of a return to the series-run.

If only ENTERPRISE could find such a revival - renewed for a season 4 run of 12 episodes (ordered) with the possibility of 12 more if ratings hold. I do hope the Star Trek franchise breaths some new life into the dead-horse they keep on beating. Season 3 has been promising - but the show/franchise seems unwilling to push limits as the original did back in the 60s.

How sad.

That's about it from me.



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