Monday, April 05, 2004

Movies this Weekend

Whew!!! Jody and I saw Five movies on Saturday. IN THE THEATRE!

So here is what I thought:

Ladykillers: THREE OF FOUR STARS, really good movie, but dragged a little before resolution. Morality play. Funniest irony, African American widow who donates $5.00 a week to Bob Jones University.

Walking Tall: TWO OF FOUR STARS, fun remake with the Rock, but out of place football references and the "evil just cause" bad guy make this "hixploitation" film fall behind the original. Besides, you can't change Buford Pusser's name to Chris Vaughn. Bonus wierdness points for being the only film in which the "happy ending" is the fact that the mill reopens and deforestation can continue. I kid you not.

Hellboy: THREE OF FOUR STARS, good adaptation of the first two Dark Horse Hellboy storylines "Seed of Destruction" and "Wake the Devil." Like the comics combines Lovecraft with Superheroes. Has Clockwork Nazi's, Rasputin, and Elder Gods. Must see.

Jersey Girl: TWO OF FOUR STARS, clumsy but well done story of a father coping with being a father after his wife's death. Kind of a reverse Baby Boom. What are the sacrifices we make to have a happy family? How are our dreams affected? Asks the questions, has no real answers, but is sincere.

Scooby-Doo 2: TWO OF FOUR STARS, the first Scooby Doo movie was made for Gen-Xers who loved the cartoon. It was filled with funny double references, etc. This one is made for the children of Gen-Xers. Filled with fart jokes and "America's funniest" opportunity shots. Fun, the kids we watched it with loved it.

No perfect films, but nothing I regret watching.

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