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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Good News Indeed, Doubly So!!

I too recommend this film, and am glad to hear that it is getting a sort of re-release. Especially considering the extraordinarily limited release it received when it initially came out. Many movies get the shaft in this regard. Off the top of my head the Christian Bale remake of Bradbury's classic 451 called "Equilibrium" is an example. Now Equilibrium is no Darko, but minus the bad sound design it was a pretty good re-envisioning of the 451 tale about a "firefighter" burning forbidden books. Besides, the action in "Equilibrium" makes me confident that Bale will be a great Batman, a Batman with a lisp, but still great.

Jody and I went up to the Seattle International Film Festival Seven Years ago for our Honeymoon. Actually, our Honeymoon was a trip up the Pacific Coast which happened to coincide with the film festival, but serendipity is a wonderful thing. The festival uses some interesting venues and usually has a great selection of films. While Jody and I were their we saw Gonin 2, a Japanese gangster number which is alluded to in Kill Bill vol. 1 (actually it pastiches Takashi Ishii among the many directors it shows influence from), which was fairly entertaining but still had the East Asian sense of lighting for night scenes (overly blue and lacking in significant shadows). Rough Magic was a film that I made Jody endure because of my love for Russell Crow, she didn't like it, but she eventually came to appreciate Crowe as much as I did (good movies will do that). Lastly we saw Ulysses' Gaze (the title of which actually translated as Odysseus' Gaze, but that is merely a quibble), and realized that if I am ever going to die and I have one last request that request will be to be able to live I complete a viewing of this film. Why? Is it because it is a great movie starring Harvey Keitel? Brilliant Cinematic panoramic of Stalin's head? Nope. It is because this film is so dull it stops time, not only that it is long. So, where I to watch this film again I would know that I might potentially live forever. You see, Jody and I were certain that they were actually filming and editing Ulysses' Gaze in real time as we watched it. I remember saying to myself two-plus hours in that I could wait on a restroom break because the film would be over soon. Ha! I left the theatre in absolute agony.

Anyway, long story short... Go see Donnie Darko (or locate it in another format), Seattle is a great festival, and it is great to see another contributor to this blog.

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