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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Re:Dodge Ball

The world does not have the same rites of passage it once did. Your dodge ball example is well taken. Here is another. When I was in Army during Basic Training, the Drill Sergeants were mean as nails and border line sadists. That was part of the rite (surviving the insanity of it all). However, when I was a young sergeant myself the new group of recruits coming from Basic Training had a different experience. The Drill Sergeants were not allowed to yell or use foul language in front of the new recruits. They changed the rules on what was permissible for Drill Sergeants. As such, the quality of soldier was decreased and more work was placed on the unit to train. But, more so a traditional rite of passage had been diluted to the point of being non-existent. In our effort to make the world a gentler place we necessarily lose some of those things we are nostalgic about.


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