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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Pop Comics Conspiracy Theory

Something is amiss with Pat Brady.

Pat Brady, scribe and artist of Rose Is Rose daily newspaper comic strip. Beginning the month of March, his work has taken a significant turn. The only possible conclusion: Pat Brady is not drawing Rose is Rose beginning March 1, 2004. The inking style is different, the penciling is different, uniform lines, almost clumsy in comparison - no finesse. And the joke rhythm is all off. The subtlety is completely absent. Where is the running joke about Pasquale's haircut making his ears and nose stand out? How is it Peekaboo is simply smart-alecky and snide with no softness? And Clem is almost kind!

Pat Brady has been kidnapped and replaced by an alien pod-being that does not quite "grok" the nuances of ROR. Pat, we'll wait for your return.


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